Conscious Ventures' purpose is to empower the global consciousness movement. We do this by operating a robust, ever-expanding and evolving "platform" designed to support the massive transition that humanity is currently going through. Our platform provides talent, leadership, infrastructure and capital to the global consciousness movement through numerous companies and organizations (both social ventures and non-profit/NGOs) that we have partnered with. Conscious Ventures works with six partner companies (Conscious Coalition, Conscious Media, Conscious Academy, Conscious Media, Conscious Publishers, and Conscious Events) and numerous other existing social ventures and non-profits that partner with us so that we can help them incubate or accelerate their growth and positive impact. 
Brett Thomas, 
General Manager
Brett is an experienced entrepreneur having started multiple successful businesses. He is also an experienced executive, advisor, academic, and CEO coach. 
Benjamin Kiracofe,
Creative Director
Ben is an experienced entrepreneur, creative director, marketing director and filmmaker. He runs Conscious Media and co-manages the Conscious Hub in Austin.
Ronnie Raben,
Chief Financial Officer and Legal
Ronnie is a legendary corporate attorney and financial strategist who came out of retirement to help lead the global consciousness movement. He advises the executive team on legal and financial strategy. 
Nanu Berks,
Operations Manager
Nanu is an experienced manager with and entrepreneur who helps run operations at our Austin Headquarters and also oversees the development of our online properties, including marketing funnels, social media and more. 
Kristine Silvestre,
International Teams Director 
Kristine is an experienced manager, staff recruiter and enterprise-level project manager. She recruits and manages all of our teams and contractors working outside the U.S. 
Sasha Rose,
Relationship Director
Sasha Rose is an experienced trainer, community leader, and healer and is an expert on conscious relationships. She works as an "ambassador" with many of our coalition stakeholders.
Mansal Denton,
Marketing Director 
Mansal is a conscious marketing expert who has founded several successful ventures focusing on building thriving prosperous communities.
Junald Angelo Manubag,
Production Manager
Jamir oversees production of a variety of websites, online platforms, and marketing automation processes. He also works with our clients helping them design and build out their platforms including marketing funnels, podcasts and back end integrations.
Business Partners
Conscious Ventures is a financial / operational partner with many other organizations. In most cases, Conscious Ventures has a significant equity stake in these ventures. The first six listed below are sister companies. Some are non-profits and some are social ventures (that are not non-profits). 
Conscious Coalition is a non-profit organization that supports the global consciousness movement. 
Conscious Academy offers a variety of education and training programs for cultural creatives. 
Conscious Technology invests in and supports technology ventures that empower cultural creatives. 
Conscious Media produces and distributes a variety of media though various channels (with an emphasis on video).
Conscious Publishers brings longer-form content in the form of books and online magazines to the movement. 
Conscious Events supports gatherings of cultural creatives that spur the growth of the new humanity. 
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